We Call #Bullchip

There are a lot of misconceptions about microchips and how they work. Watch our videos to see us set the record straight.

Do You Know Your Chip?

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    Chip IQ
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  • A microchip works like a GPS

  • A chip stores contact info

  • Microchips have life-long batteries

  • A mobile app can be used to track your pet's chip

  • The standard storage size of a microchip is 10 gigs

  • There are three frequencies of microchip

  • It's necessary to register your pet's chip

  • All microchip registries cost money

Help Us Call Bullchip

If you work in animal welfare or just want to help us call bullchip on the uninformed – go ahead and download these posters, print them out, and put them up where pet-owners can see them. Together, we can keep more pets in homes.


Download Our Posters

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